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Did I mention the neighbors are building a wall? A 6 FOOT WALL?

They really must not like us. And yet, have never even bothered to try talking to us. Though the female neighbor does glare at Ninsi and me mightily whenever we leave the house. They called animal control on our dogs, they threw trash in our back yard, and now they are building a wall between us.

They (the contractors) also cut the phone line while digging the trench for the wall. I'm actually please about the wall part. It will save me quite a bit of money this Summer when I don't have to rebuild the fence along that side of the house.

So, Thursday, when I am on my way to the airport to pick up Prosper, I get a call from Ninsi who tells me that part of the fence has blown down. The is not near the wall side, so it was just the wind. I couldn't do anything about it since I was on the way to the airport, but figured I would deal with it with the help of my brothers later...

When I did arrive home, one of the contractors that had been working on the wall (which just has the foundation so far, no brickwork yet) was working on the across the street neighbor's landscaping. He walked over to me and told me part of our fence fell down, so they fixed it. I thanked him, and we talked briefly about the new wall going up.

Then I went inside, and realized that these mexican contractors that are building the wall, and working on the landscaping, and fixing my fence are like the Doozers from the old Fraggle Rock TV show. They just go around fixing things that are broke. And building new things where they can. They are very industrious. This group usually builds houses, but none are build built on our block now, so I think they are just doing all this other stuff.

Doozers. It made me laugh.

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