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Greece - well worth the visit. Will try to go back someday in the far flung future to actually spend more time on the islands.
Croatia - surprisingly really really nice.
Bari - Never ever go there. Try not to even think of it.

As Ninsi said, we have just over 1200 pictures to go through. Maybe 10% will be deleted as just bad. But most will survive, and some will go online. We also still have over 2000 pictures from the wedding to muck through. It will get done, we just needs some time. It is part of the weekend project.

And as a minor correction to what Ninsi said: Italians can make a schedule, no problem. But they can not hold to it. Once the schedule is actually made, the timing of events themselves loses all meaning and enters a 'it will happen when it happens' phase.

Oh, and the dog ate the couch while we were gone.

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