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This will be the last entry for a couple weeks. Too much to do tomorrow to try to get something in, and Friday morning we leave to fly to Venice. We'll be mostly totally cut off from that point. It is conceivable that we could find an internet kiosk in Croatia, but I'll not be looking for it.

I just have to get the house ready to have us gone for two week. Mainly, I need to mow the yard. And make sure the dogs have enough food. Demi is going to house sit for us, which should work out well. I think our house is closer to his work that where he lives now, so it's win-win.

After we get back, pictures will be posted of the honeymoon and the wedding. Assuming I have pictures from everyone by then...

I'm sure we will be missed, but we'll be back soon. So, you know, be strong, and stuff.


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