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Ive had a Mint Julep before. It's not a bad way to drink whiskey. But I dont think I'd pay $1,000 for it. But Im also not going to the Derby.

I offloaded pictures of rose and quiche last night, but did not upload them to the website. You'll have to live without. But the singular rose is even larger today. Friggin huge, it is.

Also, the neighbor lady seems to be trying to smile at us now. She is often outside working in her yard, and yesterday, instead of the usual glare, we appeared to try to smile. It was... bewildering.

Expect wedding pictures to go up after we return from Europe. Im still waiting on a few.

Oh, and I may try a new anti-comment spam technique if I can find time to implement it today or tomorrow. I have been getting 40-50 a day for the last couple weeks, and it's too much. I refuse to close the old entries so I need something. Hopefully, I wont break the whole thing.

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I use the Comment Spam stuff built into the latest version of MT. It seems to work pretty well after you "train" it for a few days to recognize spam.

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