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Had lunch with Zero and Reptile today. It was a bit of a long lunch since we drove over to Arlington to meet him. He's only on his second day at the new job, and we did not figure it was prudent to take a long lunch just yet. But it is a job with the city, so I'm sure that before long he will be able to leave for hours without being noticed.

Other than that, the day has gone largely uneventfully. They tend to do that when you have normal work to do. Only when things go wrong does the work day become something special. And I really do not look forward to those days in general.

I think part of the plan for Ninsi and I this weekend is to buy an elliptical. We have been working out most days. And that has largely involved DDRing. And walking a few miles, the past couple days. But the elliptical would be a low impact way of getting good cardio as well, so I think we'll do that. Try and get rid of about 6-7 more pounds by mid-Summer or so. I don't really want to change my eating habits, so I plan to just try doing so much excercise that I can't keep the weight on. Though, doing that much excercise might cause a enough muscle mass to form that I have a net loss of zero. I'm okay with that. Pounds themselves are not an issue. I am going for losing about an inch off the belly. So, this weekend, elliptical. Then a pound a week for a few weeks. Easy enough, eh?

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