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Arby's for lunch. Something I have not done by myself in a couple of years. Since they got rid of the potato cakes. They long since brought them back, but I had already stopped going. So I think in two years, I went to Arby's twice, both times with Ninsi.

Today though, I went, and had a nice roast beef and potato cakes. And I noticed that every single person that worked at the Arby's was wearing a Dallas Maverick's shirt. All different. And everyone was female. Nothing wrong with that, it is just that you don't generally find a group of women that are all 100% big enough hoop fans to wear a team shirt. All on game day. So I decided it must be a company policy thing to support to Mavs. Good idea.

But my question is, do the girls each have to go out and buy a shirt themself? And does it serve as a possible uniform on non-game days? Or does the franchise buy a bundle of various shirts and each employee grabs one when they come on shift, and leave it when they go home? Who's responsible for these shirts?

Subway, well, I'm working on two years without having stepped foot into a Subway. Who knows what quandries will arise when next I return there.

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I bet they were all given permission to wear either a Mavs shirt or their standard issue Arby's polo. Trust me, when women are given the option to switch up their wardrobe, they will. And it's probably only applicable during play-offs on game-days. If the Mavs lose again they'll have to go back to the polo.

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