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Animal Crackers. Everyone loves them.
We have them at work. The company buys them for us to snack on. For a long while, they would buy them in a large box in which were 30-40 indivually packaged bags of Animal Crackers. There were, I dunno, 20-30 crackers in each little bag. Like what you'd get out of a vending machine.

Eventually, we ate all the bags, and they ordered more crackers. This time, however, they are a different brand, and instead of bags in a box, it is just a large tub of crackers with a scoop. Unscrew the top, scoop out some animals, and go.

Seriously, these scoopable crackers? Not good at all. They don't taste very good, and what is worse, you can barely tell what you are eating. The old ones where by Austin, called 'Zoo Animal Crackers'. When I looked at those, I knew I was eating a polar bear, or a rabbit, or an owl. It was obvious. Enough detail that you almost felt bad biting the head off the turtle, but good enough, that it made you not care.

These new crackers, Stouffers? (maybe, I dont want to go look) lack artistry. There is no love in the design or recipe. I pick up a cracker, and I'm not sure if Im eating a manticore or a chiahuahua. There is one thing that has udders, so I believe it to be a cow. But what I also believe to be a lion and a billy goat also have udders. And the flavor does nothing to assuage help. There is no consternation, however, over eating what might be a fluffy happy bunny, because fluffy happy bunny looks like something from Dr Moreau's island.

Am I asking for too much in a cracker that is pleasing to both the eyes and the palette?

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We have teh Stouffer's in individually packaged bags. I disagree with you. While I may not be able to tell the difference between a Marmot and a Manticore, they taste way better than the lame knock off "zoo animal crackers."
But what I really want are the Circus Animal Crackers. The one's that come in the box.
I have a story about a missing tooth and a boy who made me cry involving one of those boxes. It's very bittersweet. But I'll save that for another time.

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