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For the sommelier wannabe in some of you. Cork'd Sign up. Be pretentious. Act snobby. It won't get you any closer to being a sommelier, though. That takes a fair amount of effort. And working in a restaurant with wine for at least five years before you can take the sommelier test. Being able to Mad Dog from Thunderbird won't cut it.

I usually take the stairs up the three flights when I come to work, and down the three flights when I leave the building. Occassionally, moreso lately, I will take the elevator. But I generally don't want to ride with anyone else. Today as I was coming back in after lunch, I thought of taking the elevator. But two people came into the building behind me. They were not close, but even if the elevator was already on the first floor, the doors would not be able to close before they made it on. So, instead of trying to keep them out of the elevator, I took the stairs.

Does that make me anti-social? At least I blog, most days.

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