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Day After

I went to the bank today to deposit my last actual paycheck from Funimation. I kept out a little to pay for the movie tonight. And noticed that the in the tray behind the teller, where they keep all their coins, she had a few of the gold Sacajawea dollars. I like to use them for poker, but the banks do not usually have many on hand. So, I asked for them. It went something like this:

"Do you have any gold dollars?" (remember, I could see them clearly)
"No, but I have some with Sacajawea on them." (Same difference, but I let it go)
"Alright, I'll take those, please."

She then goes to her tray and starts to separate the Sacajawea dollars from the Susan B Anthony dollars, which I really dislike. And comes back to me with about fiftenn Susan Bs.

"No, I dont want Susan B. I want the gold Sacajawea dollars."
"Oh, I don't have any of those."
"What is that in your tray then?" - me pointing at her tray...
"Those aren't what you want, those are..." and she turns and looks in the tray, "Those are gold dollars, uh, like you want"

So she counts out eleven, but I only take ten because one of them was really nasty looking, and go on my way. But I want to know at what point in the conversation did I not make myself clear that I wanted the gold, or Sacajawea, dollars. Either one would have worked, or both.

Last time I go to that bank.

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