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Dusty Shoes

I have shoes I have not worn in a very long time. No real reason other than I just don't normally wear brown shoes. I thought Id try them again today. It has probably been 3-4 years since I last wore them. Maybe more. I don't know. Long time.

I asked the Wee-Fay how they looked. She wasn't sure. "Maybe with a shirt." So I put a shirt on. (yes, I was already wearing pants). "Well, the shoes are dusty, and the shirt is wrinkled." Essentially, she couldn't tell me if the shoes were bad or not. So I wore them. If the worst someone can tell me about my attire is that my shoes are dusty, then I can live with that particular stigma.

My shoes:

Okay, so maybe I should wipe them down with a damp rag...

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burn them burn them to HELL!!!!

any man who criticizes another man's shoes must risk being called metrosexual - or ghey.

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