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Ninsi and I looked at picnic baskets a couple weeks ago when we were in Target. They had a couple. Fun, they were. Vibrant and full of color. Actually, the crosshatching was so full of bright color it made my eyes bleed.

Fast forward to today, when my eyes are stable again, and I go online to look at picnic baskets. Thinking that it might be nice to have one before we go to Shakespeare this year. Apparently it is quite a hobby for some people. Picnicking. Several of the baskets are referred to as being designed for the 'picnicking elite.' Who are those people exactly, and what does that mean?

Ton of options. I learned that baskets primary come in a 2-person or 4-person variety. I rather like this one here, but it is more a backpack than a basket. I'm not sure than any basket is worth $200 though. But I'm not one of the elite, so I could be wrong.

Also, could someone please tell me why we add a 'k' to the end of picnic when we and the 'ing?' Are there other words with which we do that?

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Are you sure your not a woman... :D

It's called 'being domesticated',
I'm sure you are familiar with it.
I'm not saying it is a good thing. It just happens to be the only thing going since we gave up our spears and blood rituals.

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