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Everyone deserves booty

Is it wrong of me to especially enjoy going to Sonic on days where it is really cold or really rainy? Neither the cold nor the rain bothers me greatly, so I am not going because I don't want to get out of the car. I go because I seem to derive some perverse joy from making the carhops get out in the elements. Again, is that wrong?

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Yes - it's sadistic. You're a bad bad man.

But then maybe that's why I love you.


I don't know. Does it bother you that your blog is so damn white? Damn.

And it still is befuddling in Firefox, the superior browser.

No, it doesn't bother me that it is all white. It sets it apart from 90% of the teeny-bopper blogs out there. And I know it's still wonky in Mozilla. I haven't actually futzed with the html or layout in months. Which is why the links at the top still don't work. But I'll get to in eventually. Another month or so, maybe. Definately by this Summer. Or Thanksgiving.

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