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If I mow my own lawn, am I stealing a job from an illegal immigrant? Becaue that's what I did yesterday. And it took forever. Since it hadn't been mowed since before the wedding. But it is now done and looks very nice.

This weekend was mostly a time for getting stuff done around the house. We put so much off for so long because of the wedding that it was odd being able to finally do something non-wedding/honeymoon related. I feel like actual progress was made.

Hopefully we can keep it up. We finally bought a bathroom scale to see how hard we need to diet and exercise. And it was not as bad as feared, but not as good as hoped. But we have a scale. And that's a starting point.

And I'm sure she will tell all about it, but Ninsi had to go in for Jury Duty today, and was selected to serve. Go her. I guess.

Did we mention that in Italy, women can wear boots with absolutely any outfit, and that is apparently okay?

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