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I have this policy about not drinking alone at the house, because well, it's just a policy I've had for a decade. But I swear to Dios, that were it not for the lack of fresh mint, I'd be out on the deck with a Mint Julep in hand. It just sounds better than a martini right now.

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Hey! Now you have to make your blog not look like balls! Upside!



Now you have the time...not balls...etc...

Yeah, I was trying to figure out exactly what "balls on the upside" meant. Thought it was some sw33t phrase you picked up from the kids.

And I don't think my site looks like balls. It just is messy in Mozilla. And most of the links work now, except the photos one. ANd I just need to actually build a page for that.

It will stay white. I just need to get rid of the right side blackness.

and the fuxx00rd way it looks in mozilla. I have mozilla now. I'm still keeping ie too though.


Sweet... Balls on the upside... what a great phrase

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