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We bought artwork in Rhodes for the living room. That was over a month ago. It has not arrived yet, so today, I called Visa and told them. So we've been credited with the purchase price and may or may not ever see the artwork. That may be the last time I try to ship anything from Greece, though.

The elliptical has arrived at the store, and so I now have a project for the evening beyond mowing the front yard. I'll pick it up after work and probably have to spend a couple hours putting that thing together. Ninsi will use it though. Probably be days before I even get a chance to play with it.

In the meantime, I'll mow, and weedeat, and try to decide if I really want to take the neighbor to small claims court or not for doing damage to my fence while putting up his wall, and for not cleaning up the debris and concrete on my side his wall created.

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you better get that thing together in time for my 4 hour Lost marathon tonihgt!

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