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So, this morning, I was chatting with the Furious one, and got to talking to her about hot wings. Specifically wings from WingStop. And how I usually get the original recipe hot wings, but sometimes get a few of the 'atomic' wings. I think they are really my favorite, but they are almost too hot. You bite into one, and they taste great, and then suddenly, you mouth is en fuego. Oddly enough, the only thing that can sate this fire is eating another atomic wing. They are just that good. But so hot. So I don't get them vary often.

Talk about it with FJ though, made my mouth water, just thinking about it. So I think next time, I will have to order a few of them.

Then, as we are wont to do, we discussed chili because as you know, chili is the primal force that powers the universe.

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Chili is a uniter of people. Like adnoids.

I imagine that living without adenoids would be like living in a world without chili. Then I realize I can't imagine even living in a world without chili.

Do you even know where your adenoids are?

Yes. Unlike a certain Wee-fay, I know where they are. And if I didn't, I could look at a book and it would show me where to look. Do you know where YOUR adenoids are? All of them?


I know where MY adenoids are...

You didn't even know you had adenoids before you met me!

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