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Kidney stones make grown men go all fetal and weep.

Neko is ignoring me. I'm not sure why. I sent her half a dozen messages yesterday in response to the cold shoulder, because it was fun. And then it got boring. So I'm done with that.

Bought an elliptical online today. Going through the wal-mart online was significantly cheaper and easier than going into the local sporting goods stores. Much as I generally try to avoid wal-mart, when it saves me over $50 on a single product, I kinda have to go with it. Should arrive sometime next week, since none of the stores actually carry the one I want in stock.

Now we just have to figure a place to put it in the house, and keep the dog from eating it.

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We've been looking at getting one also. Which one did you get?


Yeah women just don't respond to the message stalking, as fun as that is.

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