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June 2, 2006


Sporadic would mean 'sometimes'. So it's been about a week now of being unemployed. It's largely boring. The house is a little cleaner. The dogs are a little happier.

I was supposed to have an interview yesterday, but after I arrived at the place, a crisis or sorts erupted, and the meeting had to be postponed. Maybe they will feel sorry for me having to drive all the way out there twice.

That's largely it. One week til the Squid comes to town again. So, as long as I'm unemployed, I'll have plenty of time to hang out with her. But at the same time, I won't have money to really entertain her. We may wind up playing an awful lot of card games.

I'll try to not go a full week between the sporadic postings, but no promises.

June 6, 2006

Full length

Four days til Squid invasion.

If a movie comes on the tv, sometimes I will start to watch it. Often, if I watch it long enough to see the first commercial, I will turn it off, and go pull out the DVD of the movie and put that in instead. That way I can watch it uncut and without commercial. I don't like watching movies with commercial, and see no reason why I should if I actually own the movie. If I do not own the movie, I might watch it with commercials, but only if it is really good. I should probably expand my DVD collection to lessen that happening.

Same thing with songs, only they are usually in my head. A song pops in, and I only know a few lines, but think that I can just go load it up and listen to it. It only annoys me when I realize I don't actually have that song. Actually, it doesn't so much annoy me, as piss me off. Cuz then I have to try to find the song.

Finally, I dreamt of vultures. Big ones. Like 8 foot tall.
In an unrelated dream, I was a martial arts master. Like the ones in Crouching Tiger. The whole light-footed flying-through-the-air martial arts master.

June 7, 2006


Im bored, mostly.

The dishes remain clean though. Daily. And that is largely the sum of my days. I read a lot of news too. One or two lingering projects that had been shoved to the background have now resurfaced and dealt with. Things like, cleaning my desk. I can see the desk again. And the garage is in better shape. We do truly need to have a garage sale just to get rid of some crap. Normally I would try to eBay some of it, but I dont think I will have as much luck trying to eBay a random collection of pots of pans as I will have just hoping for a poor college student to stumble upon us trying to sell it. Pots and Pans? $5. For about $15-$20 we could probably fairly well outfit some college guys kitchen with pots, pans, and dishes. We have at least two sets of dishes. I say $15-$20, with Ninsi doing the selling, it'd be more like $50-$75. Maybe. I view a garage sale as a means for getting rid of stuff. Not as a means for making money. But I guess she has to make money to buy Nintendogs somehow.

Time to find something else to clean.

June 9, 2006

Life Lessons

I don't know how often the rest of you all watch The Learning Channel, but it, or one of the many under the same umbrella is featured watching in our house. Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, or the Travel Channel. Between Ninsi and I, we watch one of those channels almost daily.

Anyway, lately they have been airing 'life lessons' commericals, featuring Life Lessons figurines. I wasn't sure if you could actually buy the figurines or not, but it seems you can. Some of them are pretty funny. Such as 'Merlot and Email don't Mix' and "Nothing can Ruin a Career Faster than an Office Party." I recommend checking it out. They also have some of the commercials up on the website.

The commercials

Buy them!

June 12, 2006

Pinata Picante

We went grocery shopping yesterday. Bought more than Ninsi and I generally buy when we go to the store, but the Squid was with us, and we were trying to get stocked up. Came home and the three of us were happily putting away food. Squid put the large bottle of Picante sauce on top of the refridgerator where it belongs. One minute later, while I am putting stuff into the pantry, Ninsi opens the freezer side to put up some meats, and down comes the salsa. It exploded on impact with the floor. I was splattered, the pantry was splattered, the inside of the freezer was splattered, and most of the kitchen floor. From the patio door to the dining room. The Squid hadn't pushed it far enough back on top, and it was hanging off the edge. So when Ninsi opened the door, it came down. Much like the bucket of paint balanced atop a door in cartoons and slapstick comedies.

June 13, 2006


I have like, the coolest daughter in the world. The other day, I went to FJs homepage, and the Squid saw the Ultimate Showdown video on there, and recognized it. I think everyone has seen the video by now.

However, the part that makes the Squid so cool, is that she knows it be heart already, without me ever having shown it to her. She also knows the End of the World by heart as well.

Ive never been so proud.

June 16, 2006


I'm not sure why it came to me. Perhaps concern over the Squid someday actually dating, but I had a thought yesterday. We all know how people pay money for the online sites. My idea is pretty much exactly the opposite of that.

A breakup service of sorts. Imagine having a friend of child and you don't like their s/o. Then you contact my service, we get some essential infomation, and send out a girl or guy to essentially cause a breakup of the happy couple. Totally private, so you don't have to worry about the kid getting pissy with the parents for not liking their choice of mate and stuff.

I saw a show on TV today called Parental Control which almost does what I'm thinking. The parents didnt like who their daughter was dating, so they fixed her up on dates with several other guys and then the parents and the disliked b/f sat at home and watched the whole thing on TV. I'm thinking more of a high end service for rich folk that don't want their precious blue-blood being diluted with a lower class hook-up.

I think it's something with a definate market. I just have to find the market...

June 19, 2006


Took the Squid to the horse races yesterday. She'd never been, and I thought it might be fun. I think she had a pretty good time.

$2 per race and 9 races. We each made one bet per races. Ninsi managed to not win anything at all. Not even a Show. Squid won $11.10. I managed to hit two Exactas. Which is all I will bet on. On two more, I had the 1 and 2 horse, but in the wrong order. I should have boxed them, and would have won.

Exactas are the only way to go.

That is all. Tomorrow we swim.

June 21, 2006


Took the Squid to the comic store today. She isn't real fond of them since the time we went to the one in Tulsa on 51st and she couldn't quite get past the smell. Now, everytime we go to one, she fears she will be overcome by gamer stench. But she braved it today, like a good little trooper.

I was looking for the game, Fluxx. We looked around the store, and I finally asked the guy if he had it, or even knew of it. He'd heard of it, but wasn't sure. Then he thought he might have some. So he went into the back of the cooler. (This store used to be a convenience store, and all the cards are kept in what used to be a large cooler) and came out with a small box. In the box was an assortment of crap. Including a small tote cooler. He unzipped the cooler and started pulling out more crap, among it was three boxes of Fluxx.

It was either very well hidden, or nearly forgotten in a small tote, in a box, in the employee only section of the cooler. He sold it for $5. Go us.

June 26, 2006


Went to Grapevine Mills with the Squid yesterday. We happened to have three old Gameworks cards here at the house. Wasn't sure if they had any credit on them or not. Turns out, each card had two hours of play on it. So the three of us each got two solid hours of play. As much as we wanted. I learned that after about 1.5 hours of most new games, I'm done. I spent the last half hour at the pinball and Xevious machines. Old school, yo.

Today, we cook a chicken. It has been set, and now it's time to forget. Tomorrow we are going to Superman. By all counts, it's faboo. So we'll be going to the late show, and then getting up early on Wednesday for a day at Six Flags. Saturday, the day of Zero's party, Squid goes home. It's been a too fast three weeks.

June 29, 2006


Yesterday was all day Six Flags day. Not for me, I can't handle that much of it, but Ninsi and Squid. We all three went and were there shortly after it opened at 10 am. Then we left a little after 2. They went back at about 7 and stayed til they were kicked out. That's just way too much roller coastering for me.

Today has been a little more laid back. Had lunch, and introduced the Squid to PS2 Karoke. I suck at it. Mucho. She just finished singing 'I Love Rock and Roll' and got a 100% perfect on it. Unlocked a new space girl outfit.

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