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Took the Squid to the comic store today. She isn't real fond of them since the time we went to the one in Tulsa on 51st and she couldn't quite get past the smell. Now, everytime we go to one, she fears she will be overcome by gamer stench. But she braved it today, like a good little trooper.

I was looking for the game, Fluxx. We looked around the store, and I finally asked the guy if he had it, or even knew of it. He'd heard of it, but wasn't sure. Then he thought he might have some. So he went into the back of the cooler. (This store used to be a convenience store, and all the cards are kept in what used to be a large cooler) and came out with a small box. In the box was an assortment of crap. Including a small tote cooler. He unzipped the cooler and started pulling out more crap, among it was three boxes of Fluxx.

It was either very well hidden, or nearly forgotten in a small tote, in a box, in the employee only section of the cooler. He sold it for $5. Go us.

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Did you take her to Starbase 21 in Tulsa?


I was at that comic book store about a month ago. Those people must love comics, but that store is a wreck. About average for a comic book store, I guess.


And it definitely smells in there.

No - it wasn't even Starbase he took her to. It was one in the Farm shopping center. I never even knew it was there. I bit far south for us North Side Greasers.

Crunchy Taco for anyone besides Jessie who gets that reference.


S.E. was in town about a month ago doing a promo for the 25th anniversary. She is a totaly & complete freak now, afraid of everything but super nice.

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