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Four days til Squid invasion.

If a movie comes on the tv, sometimes I will start to watch it. Often, if I watch it long enough to see the first commercial, I will turn it off, and go pull out the DVD of the movie and put that in instead. That way I can watch it uncut and without commercial. I don't like watching movies with commercial, and see no reason why I should if I actually own the movie. If I do not own the movie, I might watch it with commercials, but only if it is really good. I should probably expand my DVD collection to lessen that happening.

Same thing with songs, only they are usually in my head. A song pops in, and I only know a few lines, but think that I can just go load it up and listen to it. It only annoys me when I realize I don't actually have that song. Actually, it doesn't so much annoy me, as piss me off. Cuz then I have to try to find the song.

Finally, I dreamt of vultures. Big ones. Like 8 foot tall.
In an unrelated dream, I was a martial arts master. Like the ones in Crouching Tiger. The whole light-footed flying-through-the-air martial arts master.

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