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Went to Grapevine Mills with the Squid yesterday. We happened to have three old Gameworks cards here at the house. Wasn't sure if they had any credit on them or not. Turns out, each card had two hours of play on it. So the three of us each got two solid hours of play. As much as we wanted. I learned that after about 1.5 hours of most new games, I'm done. I spent the last half hour at the pinball and Xevious machines. Old school, yo.

Today, we cook a chicken. It has been set, and now it's time to forget. Tomorrow we are going to Superman. By all counts, it's faboo. So we'll be going to the late show, and then getting up early on Wednesday for a day at Six Flags. Saturday, the day of Zero's party, Squid goes home. It's been a too fast three weeks.

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