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I'm not sure why it came to me. Perhaps concern over the Squid someday actually dating, but I had a thought yesterday. We all know how people pay money for the online sites. My idea is pretty much exactly the opposite of that.

A breakup service of sorts. Imagine having a friend of child and you don't like their s/o. Then you contact my service, we get some essential infomation, and send out a girl or guy to essentially cause a breakup of the happy couple. Totally private, so you don't have to worry about the kid getting pissy with the parents for not liking their choice of mate and stuff.

I saw a show on TV today called Parental Control which almost does what I'm thinking. The parents didnt like who their daughter was dating, so they fixed her up on dates with several other guys and then the parents and the disliked b/f sat at home and watched the whole thing on TV. I'm thinking more of a high end service for rich folk that don't want their precious blue-blood being diluted with a lower class hook-up.

I think it's something with a definate market. I just have to find the market...

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They already have this, at least in a reality TV sorta way. You hire this guy and he sends out a guy/girl to come to the the bf/gf and then film it and show it to the person they are dating, which is all of course shown on TV.

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