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Sporadic would mean 'sometimes'. So it's been about a week now of being unemployed. It's largely boring. The house is a little cleaner. The dogs are a little happier.

I was supposed to have an interview yesterday, but after I arrived at the place, a crisis or sorts erupted, and the meeting had to be postponed. Maybe they will feel sorry for me having to drive all the way out there twice.

That's largely it. One week til the Squid comes to town again. So, as long as I'm unemployed, I'll have plenty of time to hang out with her. But at the same time, I won't have money to really entertain her. We may wind up playing an awful lot of card games.

I'll try to not go a full week between the sporadic postings, but no promises.

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Sorry to hear about the unemployment thingy. Does anybody still work there? :-P

Yeah, there's a few. But the attrition rate is fairly staggering. How's things in CO?

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