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Im bored, mostly.

The dishes remain clean though. Daily. And that is largely the sum of my days. I read a lot of news too. One or two lingering projects that had been shoved to the background have now resurfaced and dealt with. Things like, cleaning my desk. I can see the desk again. And the garage is in better shape. We do truly need to have a garage sale just to get rid of some crap. Normally I would try to eBay some of it, but I dont think I will have as much luck trying to eBay a random collection of pots of pans as I will have just hoping for a poor college student to stumble upon us trying to sell it. Pots and Pans? $5. For about $15-$20 we could probably fairly well outfit some college guys kitchen with pots, pans, and dishes. We have at least two sets of dishes. I say $15-$20, with Ninsi doing the selling, it'd be more like $50-$75. Maybe. I view a garage sale as a means for getting rid of stuff. Not as a means for making money. But I guess she has to make money to buy Nintendogs somehow.

Time to find something else to clean.

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IMO The point of the garage sale is that people are paying you to haul off your old crap.

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