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So I haven't posted in a while. Shoot me. I've been busy with fuck-all, ya know?

So anyway, interview here, interview there, nothing yet. feh.

Last Thursday or so, Ninsi and the Squid and I decided to go out for dessert. I hadn't been to Ruby Tuesday's in a long time, and have always been fairly partial to the Strawberry Tallcake. So we made the trek out there for that specific dessert. Get in, sit down, and the fookers do not have it anymore. They only have like three dessert items at all. We wound up getting two of the Chocolate Tallcakes instead. They were quite good, but it wasn't what I wanted. I expect I will never go there again.

Then, two days later, we had planned to go to Ron's (Don's) for lunch to get Chili-Sausage-Hamburgers, but learned the night before that they had completely closed down. No more Rons in Texas at all.

I have since given up trying to find something to eat I that I actually want. All my places close or quit carrying the food I want. bitches.

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About the Ron's, that's just wrong.

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