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So Ninsi and I are sitting on the couch this evening watching TV. Both dogs are outside, and they start barking. They do that every now and again. Except this time, it sounds like they are standing right at the patio door barking. I pause the TV and we walk to the kitchen, and there they are. Both of them barking at the dog door. Tracy looks down and sees this:

The dogs are going crazy at it. So I stoop down and peck at the window to get its attention while Ninsi goes out the front to get the dogs through the main gate. We bring the dogs in and they bark at it from inside. But after a couple minutes, it slithers off. If you look at it closely, you can see some red spots on it. I think Luna may have nipped it a couple times.

I thought it was just a variety of King Snake at first, but it looks like it may have been a Texas Rat Snake instead.

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I would just like to say here - that my first guess was a rat snake.
Could explain why Luna hasn't found any more bunny's despite that time we saw the bunnies in the lot next door going at it like bunnies.


Hey Daddy,Cool Snake.Hey what was that one website where the mouse created a victim and the cictim took over? I want to show my sisters that.

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