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We're all mad here

As everyone knows, we had our 2nd annual "I cook a Turkey" day a couple weeks ago. Or as Ninsi insists - our 2nd annual Christmas in July. Whatever. As we saw last week, the eagle was passed on, but I neglected to post the fabulisimo gift I snagged. People, it just doesn't get any better than this, if you are a wino, that is...

Words can barely describe how bad it is. Yet, I am sure, that someday, someone will already be drunk enough over here to start drinking it. My money is on myself, Zero, or Reptile. Smart money says that one of us starts it, and the others join in the 'fun'.

Bad as it is, though, I think it is better than that Beringer Reisling that Zero had at his house this weekend. Maybe I just expected something more. And maybe there was a reason I had no idea that Beringer even made a Reisling. That's more likely it. I was a happier fellow with that ignorance.

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No - the "grape wine" MD20/20 was WAY worse then the Beringer Riesling.


BERINGER riesling? blegh...

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