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August 2, 2006

Out of the box

I was going to take a picture of my tomato sprouts and post those. Then I realized I've done a lot of posting if pictures over the last couple weeks, and decided I'd best not. Some folk post pictures every day, and it takes up a lot of blog space, for sure, but not much else. So, you will all have to be content knowing merely that I have tomato sprouts. Seeing them would only make you envious anyway. So it's for the best.

Got an invite today to a wedding in Houston in October. It's a very nice invitation. It's also half in Chinese, so I can only read part of it. I suspect it says the same thing in English though. I don't see us making it to Houston though. Ever. Been there, didn't like it, don't care to go back. And with Zero's wedding coming up in September anyway, I think I'll be about wedding'ed out for the year.

I may have to go to Tulsa soon just for a chili-sausage hamburger. Starting to yearn for one quite madly.

August 3, 2006

Isn't it ironic...

So, Ninsi is sitting on the floor petting Barley and I tell her that he is going to knock over her drink which is sitting tail-height on the ottoman mere inches from his wagging tail. So I pick up her glass and move it over next to mine, a safe distance away.

Then I take the dog treats out and call the dogs over and Barley trots over for his treat, and his tail promptly hits my supposedly more secure cup. Knocking tea all over the floor.

Stupid dog. All his fault.

August 4, 2006

My bubble

Went to lunch today at Chipotle. I'm standing in line. I generally stand a couple feet away from the person in front of me when I am in a line. Everyone needs their space. The guy behind me is standing so close, he steps on my foot. It's not like there was a massive number of people in line. This was when he and I were the last two people in the line at the time. He says 'excuse me' and steps back about six inches. He stands there and sways. He is rocking back and forth and finally rocks into me slightly. In totally annoyed by the close-stander. He bumps into me again when Im trying to make my order and I just want to yell at him to back the fuck off because he isn't getting his order any faster by crowding me. Hot women crowding me? That's a go. Portly middle aged men crowding me? Fuck off. Finally I took the Dallas Observer and stuck it through my arm enough so that he would hit it instead of me. It gave me about eight precious inches.

August 7, 2006

Wind comes Sweeping

Off to Oklahoma for a couple days to see the Squid. Mi Madre is picking her up today and keeping her for a week. So it will save me from having to drive all the way up to Tulsa. Maybe it will be a degree or two cooler up there.

August 10, 2006

Late to the Party

Last night, when Ninsi and I arrived home, we had a box waiting for us. If this sounds familiar, it is. It happened a few weeks ago. Both that, and this were weddings gifts that were just really late. Not complaining mind you. It's just rather funny to be getting a Wine Chiller, and then a Wine Rack several months after the weddings.

I had more, completely forgot what all it was. C'est ca.

August 12, 2006


Im not sure what to think about this - but a couple nights ago, I had a dream. I think overall, it was a commercial for something. But it was full of professional sports figures. Mostly professional golfers and race car drivers. The odd bit was that they were all getting blowjobs. All of them. The part that makes it seem like it was some kind of commercial was that no wang was ever seen. Jeff Gordon was in it, and standing in like the winner's booth after a race and he was getting a hand-job. Only it was from his mother. And that was just wrong even in the dream. But again, no wang.

My subconscious protected me from seeing the wang, and for that, I am grateful, but I wish I had any clue as to why I had a dream of sports guys getting blowjobs.

August 14, 2006


In the two weeks closing out July and starting August, Ninsi and I managed to get invitations to three weddings. That's a bit much, imho. I'm going to be forced to get a job just to pay for farking wedding gifts for everyone. One we are definately going to, one we are definately not, and the third is still undecided. It will depend on other factors.

I did learn that some other folk have been laid off from my old company. One of whom had been there since the very beginning. I can't imagine the reasonings behind it. Well, the real reasons, yes, I just cant imagine what they actually said was the reason.

August 15, 2006


So, I was chatting online with a friend today. An ex-girlfriend, to be exact. She's a muslim girl, originally from Pakistan. Anyway, I mentioned something about a menorah. And then explained what it was. Then she just went off on the jews. I dated this girl for several months (years ago) and never knew she had such random hate for them. She's not a racist (her words) but she wished Hitler had just nuked them all. All I could do was point out that he didn't have nukes, or possibly would have. I understand that muslims and jews don't like each other; it's more that I never realized she was of the same mindset.

We also talked about halloween, and now I am curious as to the legislation in South Dakota that makes is so that Brute Force Leather will not do business there.

August 17, 2006

Party incoming

This weekend is Zero's bachelor party. It's just over a month til his wedding, but the next several weekends are pretty much booked for most of us, so it was this weekend, or not at all. We'll do a little poker tomorrow night just as a pre-party stay at home thing. Should be fairly sedate. Hopefully it will still net me enough money to pay for the dancers Saturday night. Saturday will be drinks, dinner, and um, dancers. Good, wholesome fun.

That's about the size of it right now. Ninsi is out with the trainees again, so it's just me and the dogs and a keg of beer in the garage. Barley is over a year old, so I think he's old enough to start imbibing.

In other news, a judge ruled that the federal governments warrantless wiretaps were unconstitutional. Bout damn time.

August 21, 2006


I really hate the fact that whenever I try to wrap a gift, it comes off looking like some abomination against humanity. I need to just invest in a lot of nice looking boxes with lids. Or just a few, and make sure that when I give someone a gift, they give me back the box.

The Squid is in 7th grade now, and so far her opinion of it is 'boring.' And three of her first four classes are taught by coaches. Only one actually involves physical activity. The other two are something like Social Studies and History.

Oh yes, Zero's bachelor went quite well I think. Good times had by all, as best I can remember.

Manager's Special

Went to the Carnival grocery store real quick today to pick up some bread before dinner. While I was there, I thought that I would also take a look at some roasts and get one for dining at a later date. So, I'm cruising through the meat section trying to find a nice roast and having zero luck. So I meander on down to the steaks thinking that maybe over Labor Day weekend I'll talk Reptile into inviting us over to grill steaks, or perhaps just convene at Zero's to grill and swim. Perhaps. So, Im checking out the steaks, and they have some T-bones and my eye is drawn to the large orange "Manager's Special" sticker on the top steak. It's half off. Then I actually see the steak. Half of it is nicely colored. The other half is, um, not quite gray but not at all red. Tinged, ever so slightly, possibly green. It was nasty. Half-off Manager Special my ass. That has got to be a violation of some code, somewhere.

If it wasn't so much closer to the house than the Kroger, I wouldn't even go there. I may not ever go again, the Kroger isn't that far away. I'll definately never buy meat there, period.

August 25, 2006


Spent some time with Ninsi out at Garrett Creek Ranch. Her company is doing some new hire training out there. It's way the Hell a long way from here. Or, at least, feels like it is. You can barely get a cell phone signal. Barbaric! But it is a nice place to have company meetings and conferences. It looks like at some time it was a cattle ranch, and now it has been refitted as a get-away for corporate entities. I was just hanging out. But there were folk from two or three other companies there already doing their meetings and such. Nokia was there, and from the accents of some of them, it sounded like they may have come over from Finland for just this occassion.

Ive been driving the Mustang for the past couple days since Ninsi needs the larger cargo space of my car. And I have been in two very near wrecks in the past two days. I dont know if people just can't see the little blue car, or aren't paying attention. Once guy, I understand, because we were both moving to the middle lane and I was behind him. But there was a girl driving a truck, coming out of the dealership, and I dont think she saw me at all. She started pulling out right as I was going by, so I had to swerve out of her way to keep from hitting her and as I was vering, I could see via peripheral vision that she was still moving forward and was about to hit me in the side. I was too busy with the defensive driving to bother with the horn. I dont know if she ever saw me and stopped, or if I just made it around before she hit me. Even if she had hit me, it probably would not have damaged the truck at all.

Ninsi will be back tomorrow. Just in time to change and leave the house to head to dinner and see "Into the Woods." We're culturfied.

August 29, 2006


So I started working again yesterday. It's a real job. At a real company. So far, they have me a cube, but it's only temporary because another guy is in the cube they want me to be in. They have known for three weeks I would be starting, but they do not yet have me a badge or PC login.

I have spent the last two days reading tech manuals. Boring as all Hell. Anyway, it is a job. Pay is significantly better than old job.

I'd forgotten what it was like to work a real job though. I have to wear pants and shoes to work. As opposed to shorts and flip flops. It's gonna take some getting used to...

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