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Manager's Special

Went to the Carnival grocery store real quick today to pick up some bread before dinner. While I was there, I thought that I would also take a look at some roasts and get one for dining at a later date. So, I'm cruising through the meat section trying to find a nice roast and having zero luck. So I meander on down to the steaks thinking that maybe over Labor Day weekend I'll talk Reptile into inviting us over to grill steaks, or perhaps just convene at Zero's to grill and swim. Perhaps. So, Im checking out the steaks, and they have some T-bones and my eye is drawn to the large orange "Manager's Special" sticker on the top steak. It's half off. Then I actually see the steak. Half of it is nicely colored. The other half is, um, not quite gray but not at all red. Tinged, ever so slightly, possibly green. It was nasty. Half-off Manager Special my ass. That has got to be a violation of some code, somewhere.

If it wasn't so much closer to the house than the Kroger, I wouldn't even go there. I may not ever go again, the Kroger isn't that far away. I'll definately never buy meat there, period.

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