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So, I was chatting online with a friend today. An ex-girlfriend, to be exact. She's a muslim girl, originally from Pakistan. Anyway, I mentioned something about a menorah. And then explained what it was. Then she just went off on the jews. I dated this girl for several months (years ago) and never knew she had such random hate for them. She's not a racist (her words) but she wished Hitler had just nuked them all. All I could do was point out that he didn't have nukes, or possibly would have. I understand that muslims and jews don't like each other; it's more that I never realized she was of the same mindset.

We also talked about halloween, and now I am curious as to the legislation in South Dakota that makes is so that Brute Force Leather will not do business there.

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My theory is that Brute Force is making a politcal statment in response to SDs abortion ban.


OMG you were chatting with your ex-stalker, that is too funny.

Yeah, i chat with her on occassion. She's still more than a little nutty.

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