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My bubble

Went to lunch today at Chipotle. I'm standing in line. I generally stand a couple feet away from the person in front of me when I am in a line. Everyone needs their space. The guy behind me is standing so close, he steps on my foot. It's not like there was a massive number of people in line. This was when he and I were the last two people in the line at the time. He says 'excuse me' and steps back about six inches. He stands there and sways. He is rocking back and forth and finally rocks into me slightly. In totally annoyed by the close-stander. He bumps into me again when Im trying to make my order and I just want to yell at him to back the fuck off because he isn't getting his order any faster by crowding me. Hot women crowding me? That's a go. Portly middle aged men crowding me? Fuck off. Finally I took the Dallas Observer and stuck it through my arm enough so that he would hit it instead of me. It gave me about eight precious inches.

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