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Out of the box

I was going to take a picture of my tomato sprouts and post those. Then I realized I've done a lot of posting if pictures over the last couple weeks, and decided I'd best not. Some folk post pictures every day, and it takes up a lot of blog space, for sure, but not much else. So, you will all have to be content knowing merely that I have tomato sprouts. Seeing them would only make you envious anyway. So it's for the best.

Got an invite today to a wedding in Houston in October. It's a very nice invitation. It's also half in Chinese, so I can only read part of it. I suspect it says the same thing in English though. I don't see us making it to Houston though. Ever. Been there, didn't like it, don't care to go back. And with Zero's wedding coming up in September anyway, I think I'll be about wedding'ed out for the year.

I may have to go to Tulsa soon just for a chili-sausage hamburger. Starting to yearn for one quite madly.

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you know we're going for chili-sausage burgers come the reunion.

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