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Party incoming

This weekend is Zero's bachelor party. It's just over a month til his wedding, but the next several weekends are pretty much booked for most of us, so it was this weekend, or not at all. We'll do a little poker tomorrow night just as a pre-party stay at home thing. Should be fairly sedate. Hopefully it will still net me enough money to pay for the dancers Saturday night. Saturday will be drinks, dinner, and um, dancers. Good, wholesome fun.

That's about the size of it right now. Ninsi is out with the trainees again, so it's just me and the dogs and a keg of beer in the garage. Barley is over a year old, so I think he's old enough to start imbibing.

In other news, a judge ruled that the federal governments warrantless wiretaps were unconstitutional. Bout damn time.

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