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Spent some time with Ninsi out at Garrett Creek Ranch. Her company is doing some new hire training out there. It's way the Hell a long way from here. Or, at least, feels like it is. You can barely get a cell phone signal. Barbaric! But it is a nice place to have company meetings and conferences. It looks like at some time it was a cattle ranch, and now it has been refitted as a get-away for corporate entities. I was just hanging out. But there were folk from two or three other companies there already doing their meetings and such. Nokia was there, and from the accents of some of them, it sounded like they may have come over from Finland for just this occassion.

Ive been driving the Mustang for the past couple days since Ninsi needs the larger cargo space of my car. And I have been in two very near wrecks in the past two days. I dont know if people just can't see the little blue car, or aren't paying attention. Once guy, I understand, because we were both moving to the middle lane and I was behind him. But there was a girl driving a truck, coming out of the dealership, and I dont think she saw me at all. She started pulling out right as I was going by, so I had to swerve out of her way to keep from hitting her and as I was vering, I could see via peripheral vision that she was still moving forward and was about to hit me in the side. I was too busy with the defensive driving to bother with the horn. I dont know if she ever saw me and stopped, or if I just made it around before she hit me. Even if she had hit me, it probably would not have damaged the truck at all.

Ninsi will be back tomorrow. Just in time to change and leave the house to head to dinner and see "Into the Woods." We're culturfied.

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