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September 4, 2006

The Rain Cometh

Today it is raining. Finally. It has been a drizzly day all day long which has really been nice.

It's the end of a three day weekend. Friday was fairly sedate. Saturday we went to Reptiles and cooked out some nice steaks from Central Market. Were they worth $17 per pound? I think so. They were pretty damn good steaks. Ninsi went with the Filet and it was $29 per pound. Fortunately, she only got about 6 ounces.

Work it moving along. Slowing getting acclimated to everything. Not able to be online a whole lot, so posting will be infrequent. Have to do it in the evenings as I have time anymore, or on weekends.

Ninsi and I are officially starting to make plans to go to Alaska, so that countdown has begun. Only eleven months left. We are going, and any friends and family that want to go are invited as well, so anyone who's interested should talk to one of us. The more the merrier.

September 6, 2006

Mostly nothing

Ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken today for lunch. That, in and of itself, wasn't very exciting. Nothing was, actually. But while I was eating, I could easily overhear a pair of guys behind me. And one of them was telling the other about Seinfeld episodes. It sounded like the first guy was watching them for the first time, and telling them to a guy that had never seen any. A little odd since it has been off air for I dont know how many years now. It would have made a little sense if it had been young guys, but they were both at least a decade older than me. So I would have expected them to see it the first time around. Whatever.

And my chicken wasn't that good.

September 8, 2006


There is a story on CNN about a nurse that killed an intruder in her home with her bare hands. I'll spare you having to read it, by saying, they sum it up as: the intruder was 5'9" and 180 lbs. The nurse lady was 5' 7" and 260.

Neighbors think her size may have given the nurse an advantage. Im sure it did. Probably left the intruder slack jawed in horror from the time she came in the door and he was too in shock to defend himself. What an ignoble way to go...

September 13, 2006

Not lazy

Im not avoiding the blog, I just dont have as much time to do it lately. Still settling into a groove at work so I dont blog during the day. And at home, I tend to forget about it. I still have a goal of three times per week though, and I'm already behind on that.

Ninsi's ten year upcoming this weekend. We're expecting lameness. You will be able to find me at the casino.

September 14, 2006


Every day a group of folk at work take the elevator up to the fifth floor. Sometimes I tag along with them. It's to visit the store and buy a drink or ice cream or get coffee. I go sometimes just to leave the cube.

Ive noticed that it's not just my group that goes in groups. When we go up, there's often another group of people coming or going alreay. It's like a bunch of small herds migrating to the watering hole and then moving away.

I may have to stop going because I feel like a sheep when I go. I'll turn into a lone wolf, and go when no one else goes. Yeah. And then people will think I'm antisocial. Or being too good for them.

Maybe instead, I'll start taking breaks in the other building. Rumor has it that is where all the hot girls hang out...

September 18, 2006

Post reunion

Back from OK. Getting ready to go up again this coming Saturday.

The reunion wasn't all that bad. I think that it was greatly helped by the shots of vodka FJ and I had before going over. Plus the multiple vodka tonics. I forget how many of those there were.

So, yeah, alcohol helped a little. Met a few people i didn't know. And one that knows Zero's brother real well. I talked to her for a bit while Ninsi was off catching up with her HS friends.

Eventually I was able to extricate myself enough to go do some gambling. Did not do real well at the first table I sat at (ie I lost quickly) but sat down at another table and proceeded to take a lot of money from the people there. Actually, I just took a lot of money from three people there, but they seemed to not really want it. Some all-in bets just shouldn't be called. Guess they didn't know that. All in all, it was fun. Was utterly exhausted by the time we got home at 9 pm Sunday. It's over for another 10 years though.

I have a couple pictures worth posting. Mainly of FJ. Not drunk, at all. (okay, maybe a wee bit inebriated) I'll try to get those up in a couple days.

September 19, 2006


The problem with good restaurants that are all you can eat is that you really eat too much. We ventured out to Texas de Brazil this evening with a pair of other couples and ate our fill. It was all good. Some of it was very good. And they just keep bringing more. And more. Until you finally get to a point of either stop eating, or purging. I chose to stop eating, but only barely. It's the only place I have ever had lobster bisque, and I must say that I do like it.

Anyway, home now. Full belly. But too late for me to post drunken pictures of FJ. Maybe tomorrow.

September 21, 2006


Copping out today and just posting a few pics from Ninsi's reunion.
Remember, the level of intoxication in these was fairly high...

Ninsi and QT

Ninsi and Phlome


FJ and Phlome

September 28, 2006


So here's an article. The important bit to note is that it basically says a man can expect to add eight years to his life by having sex 365 times a years. Or, once every day. I figure Ninsi would be interested in having me around a few extra years so I send the link to her. She recommends I go ahead and make that down payment on a headstone.

Looking forward to the weekend. I get to sleep in for the first time in like a month. Too many trips to OK have interfered with my weekends of late. Finally get one with nothing to do but watch football and relax. And work on the house. And the yard. And sundry other things.

le sigh.

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