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Every day a group of folk at work take the elevator up to the fifth floor. Sometimes I tag along with them. It's to visit the store and buy a drink or ice cream or get coffee. I go sometimes just to leave the cube.

Ive noticed that it's not just my group that goes in groups. When we go up, there's often another group of people coming or going alreay. It's like a bunch of small herds migrating to the watering hole and then moving away.

I may have to stop going because I feel like a sheep when I go. I'll turn into a lone wolf, and go when no one else goes. Yeah. And then people will think I'm antisocial. Or being too good for them.

Maybe instead, I'll start taking breaks in the other building. Rumor has it that is where all the hot girls hang out...

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Not doing something just because everyone else is doing it, is not much better than doing it just because everyone else is. You're letting others dictate your actions.


I think you should go up before they do, then spring out and gnaw on one of their legs. Just a thought.

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