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Post reunion

Back from OK. Getting ready to go up again this coming Saturday.

The reunion wasn't all that bad. I think that it was greatly helped by the shots of vodka FJ and I had before going over. Plus the multiple vodka tonics. I forget how many of those there were.

So, yeah, alcohol helped a little. Met a few people i didn't know. And one that knows Zero's brother real well. I talked to her for a bit while Ninsi was off catching up with her HS friends.

Eventually I was able to extricate myself enough to go do some gambling. Did not do real well at the first table I sat at (ie I lost quickly) but sat down at another table and proceeded to take a lot of money from the people there. Actually, I just took a lot of money from three people there, but they seemed to not really want it. Some all-in bets just shouldn't be called. Guess they didn't know that. All in all, it was fun. Was utterly exhausted by the time we got home at 9 pm Sunday. It's over for another 10 years though.

I have a couple pictures worth posting. Mainly of FJ. Not drunk, at all. (okay, maybe a wee bit inebriated) I'll try to get those up in a couple days.

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For the record, I was drunk until at least 10am, and still yelling at the TV.

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