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The Rain Cometh

Today it is raining. Finally. It has been a drizzly day all day long which has really been nice.

It's the end of a three day weekend. Friday was fairly sedate. Saturday we went to Reptiles and cooked out some nice steaks from Central Market. Were they worth $17 per pound? I think so. They were pretty damn good steaks. Ninsi went with the Filet and it was $29 per pound. Fortunately, she only got about 6 ounces.

Work it moving along. Slowing getting acclimated to everything. Not able to be online a whole lot, so posting will be infrequent. Have to do it in the evenings as I have time anymore, or on weekends.

Ninsi and I are officially starting to make plans to go to Alaska, so that countdown has begun. Only eleven months left. We are going, and any friends and family that want to go are invited as well, so anyone who's interested should talk to one of us. The more the merrier.

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