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Animal crossing

Halloween weekend is past now. It was alright. Went to a couple parties. Dressed up as some undead zombie homeless wolfman, I think. Ninsi was a very stylish Little Bo Beep. Sunday, I did absolutely nothing but watch football. It was a good day.

On my way into work on Friday, I was driving up one of the neighborhood streets, and had to come to a near full stop in the middle of the road because a turkey was walking across it slowly. It looked like a wild turkey, though I suppose it could have actually have been someone's pet, but it was in the middle of the road, causing the large dog behind the fence to go completely nutty.

I assume it's currently open season on turkey in Texas, especially if I had hit it with my car, but I didnt have the desire to clean a turkey at 8 am. That night, though, as Ninsi and i were on are way home, there was a very slow moving skunk crossing the road. I almost hit it as well. I probably would have, if I hadn't realized at the last moment that it was a skunk.

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