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How do you turn down a job that would pay you on the order of 20k more than you make now?

When you are faced with such a decision, ask me. I'll tell you how I did it.


In other news, Reptile was laid off from his job today. He made it to work this morning, and apparently won the "Who gets laid off" lotto. His reaction was similar to mine when I was laid off back in May. In that he was more relieved than anything. Now he can actively hunt for a job instead of having "car trouble" all the time or taking sick days.

And so the curse that seems to affect our little group is still in effect. That being the curse that maintains that one of us must always be unemployed. It goes back a while. When Khuul found a job, Demi was laid off. Elanna was laid off when Demi found one. There was a brief shining time when everyone was employed, and then both Demi and myself were laid off. I found a job over a month ago. Demi started a new on this Tuesday. Reptile was laid off today. It's just a little odd.

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