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Ugh, ive been so not good about upkeeping. Must do better. The last week has just been chock full or intelligence and witticism. But, I failed to blog it, and it is all gone now.

I did however, finally buy a new lawnmower Saturday night. And I dont want you kids telling me you had more fun with your weekend, because it really can't get any better than lawnmower buying. Really. Why, not even the Lodge the night before was more fun. Or New Orleans Nights the week before... I keep telling myself these things.

Two such clubs in two weekends is a bit much though. The Squid can say goodbye to any inheritance if I keep that up. Maybe if I win at poker this weekend. Hmm, incentive.

Working still. Mostly. Sort of. It was five weeks before they ever actually gave me something to do. So doing that. Getting back to do ing it now.

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