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wet golf

Weekend is done. Finally got to play golf for the first time since the end of March. And of course, it rained. But for the most part, it did not rain until we were on the last 4 holes or so. It wasn't too bad, mostly. Reptile shot incredibly well (for us) on the front nine, then fell apart a little on the back. He beat me by 14 strokes on the front, but was 2 worse than me on the back. And 12 worse than his own front. The clubs became a little to difficult to hold towards the end. Hard to get a good grip. But, I enjoyed it. Only the third time all year that Ive managed to play.

Not a lot else going on. Finally got around to ordering a new cover for the hot tub. So that should be in soon, just in time for the winter months. Actually working at work now, which is quite a change from the first month I was here. And supposed to play racquetball today for the first time in a couple years. Hopefully we'll start doing it at least once a week. Maybe twice.

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