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The fence is done. It has not yet been dog proofed, but the fence itself is complete. Saturday went quite smoothly. My method of uprooting the fence posts went better than expected, such that Donut and I were able to pull out all but five posts and replant new ones in just a few hours. We were done by 2:30, and that included making a trip to Home Depot. My post removal method was so good, I need to check to see if there isnt already someone with a patent on the idea, and if not, I should get one.

Sunday did not go as well. Donut's air compressor failed before we put up half the rails. And hadn't even started the slats themselves. So we had to locate a new compressor and go get it. And also go to Home Depot to buy the rest of the necessary slats. It cost us about two hours so that it was 5 o'clock before we finished. And that did not leave us enough daylight to get the boards we need to do the dog-proofing.

That should be easy enough to do, though, and I hope we can knock it out early Saturday morning.

I may post pictures later.

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