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So, the Squid and I went into a house, a trailer house, I think. And there were some guys in there. Perhaps drug dealers, perhaps simply burglars. Either way, they had guns. The Squid hid, and I wrestled one of the guys for his gun. The other guy shot at us, I shot back at him. We emptied both guns, and completly missed each other. I attribute my bad shooting to having to struggle with the other guy in the process. And Im not sure exactly what kind of gun it was, but it looked exactly like the gun used by Tony P (of the Disco Boys) in Mystery Men.

When the shooting was done, the Squid and I stayed a few minutes, but decided to wait next door in my mom's house until the cops arrived. And when they did, Zero was with them. He wasn't actually with the cops, just happened to be hanging out when they arrived. And so I started telling them what had gone down. While Im giving my statement, I realized it has a whole lot of 'and then' type stuff, and that I can't explain some of the transitions from point A to point B, and it kinda makes my whole story seem shaky.

Later, Im telling Ninsi about the whole thing. We're standing in the house, and I can see where it went down. There is still the evidence of the buglary/shootout, but at the same time, I understand that it all was a dream. So about then I started getting confused about how I could have a dream that ransacked the real world place, but the events of which never really happened.

Then I woke up.

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and put down the crackpipe.

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