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Yesterday was actual Halloween day. The company for which I work had a lunchtime party at the office in Addison. The email flyer said there would be prizes for the best costume, best pumpkin desserts, and a pumpkin seed spitting contest.

It was an excuse to not work most of the day, so I went. Dressed as a Stonecutter, since that is the easiest costume I have, and was able to put it on over my work clothes.

The lunch was alright. Only one other person was actually dressed up, so we split the $100 prize. For the seed spitting competition, we did it in the office, on the carpet. I got a really good bounce and roll off of my third attempt and it landed just over 26 feet from the start line. I won by about 4 feet. that was another $25.

So, not only did I only work about 2 hours yesterday, but get paid for the whole day, but I also pocketed an extra $75 thanks to my leet Halloween skillz.


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