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Lot Lizard

Went to lunch Monday with a couple friends from work. We went down around the Six Flags area. Upon exiting 360, heading towards Six Flags drive, there is a gas station on the right corner before the light. A woman was walking across the road right in front of us from that station. She looked at us driving towards her and I think said some nasty things our way because she was of course well within her rights to be walking across a busy street and who were we to come bearing down on her? Anyway, she walked to the 18-wheeler in the middle lane and hopped on in.

Lot Lizard. Maybe not, but it was more fun to think she was. She definately had the ridden hard, put up wet, look. It was possible that she was just getting a ride, or had gone to the bathroom or something.

Then on Tuesday, I had to run to the bank, and went to the one that took my by that same intersection again. The woman was back. Standing around the gas station parking lot. Waiting.

Definate Lot Lizard.

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