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December 1, 2006


My ears itch. And that's all Im saying about that.

Snow yesterday, bright and shiny today, and for the next week or so at least. Slightly cool. Barely. Low 50s.

Friday. the sudden weather affected most people at work. And so many went home early the last couple days, or didnt bother coming in at all that it has made it seem like a Friday since about Wednesday afternoon. That, in turn, has just made it difficult to concentrate on work in general. Hence, the blog.

Less than two hours though, then home. Tomorrow we have dinner at an Indian restaurant to celebrate a friend's birthday.

I think Sunday I get new brakes.

December 5, 2006


The hot tub is functional again. It isn't hot, but it is working. I finally managed to clean it out and get it running again. Letting water circulate through it for a couple days before I turn on the heat. That was what I spent most of Sunday afternoon working on. Sunday evening, I took my car over to Reptile's house and we started working on my brakes.

My car turned 100000 miles on Tuesday of last week, so it is due for some maintenance. Part of that would be new pads and shoes for the brakes. Reptile was able to do the front disc brakes, no problems. But the rear brakes are drums. They were a bigger issue. We did manage to get them off and replaced and back on, but when I drove back and forth in the garage/driveway, the car suddenly started spouting brake fluid. Wheel cylinder was fuxx0red.

I picked up a new one on the way to Reptile's yesterday, and when we got everything dissambled again, the new part doesn't fit. Though the parts' store swears up and down it is the right one for my car. Someone is fibbing. Im not sure who.

We eventually ended up 'fixing' the old wheel cylinder and putting it back on. I wont go into the details of the magic that was used to fix it. Just let it be known that it was indeed powerful and nigh ineffable. So, the car is drivable currently. Doesn't seem to be leaking fluid anymore. It'll be a few days before Im totally convinced of it though. the trip to Edmond and back this weekend will pretty much tell the tale, I reckon.

Morale of the story? drum brakes = bad

December 7, 2006


My car is still braking. And not leaking. The brake job continues to be a success.

Yesterday, as I was walking up the stairs to the fifth floor here at work, there was a woman walking up the stairs a little in front of me. She was wearing high heeled boots. And every time she picked up her foot, I saw something on the bottom, right in the center, of each boot. I thought it was a logo or something at first. A bright, shiny, yellow logo on the sole of her brown boots. But as she walked up the stairs, i was able to see that it was a bright yellow sticker. With a large number '9' on it.

New boots. Size 9.

I should have caught up to her and tried to guess her shoe size. Of course, if she lied, and said a '7' then I would know and would have to push her lying ass down the stairs. Or over the railing. Either one.

December 11, 2006


I got up yesterday morning, and went out onto the balcony with the freshly bathed dog so that he could shake out the water. I noticed that one of the cables/lines coming off off the pole in the corner of our lot was dragging across the ground in the backyard.

It seemed to be coming from an electric pole, so I assumed it was a power line. I went out and look at it, without getting too close. And went over to the empty lot next to us where the end was actually laying on the ground.

One line was down, and there more were sagging enough that I could have reached up and grabbed them without jumping. So I called TXU and told them, expecting someone to come out right away and look. But apparently if it isn't jumping around and sparking, they dont care a whole lot. I had to call them again three hours later since no one had shown up yet. Ninsi and I had errands to run, so we left, and TXU did manage to come by while we were gone. They left a note on the door saying that the line was not theirs, and that perhaps we should contact some other electric company, the cable company, or the phone company.

My guess is the line is actually for the phone. But I dont want to get close enough to it to actually find out. I just am annoyed that TXU didnt seem to care enough to really put any effort into it.

We did, at least, manage to find a Christmas tree. It is now set up and mostly decorated in the living room. It is a little shorter than I expected, but we had to get one that would fit in the car. So the tree is just under 6' tall. Next year we might try for something a little more grand. We also have a ton of lights left by the previous home owners. I reckon we will put up some, but not all of them. I would rather not risk falling off a ladder and encountering paralysis, so if I did put up lights, they would become a permanent fixture on the house. And that is nigh unacceptable as well. So, our decorations will remain fairly spartan.

December 12, 2006


The Engineering Inspector for Grand Prairie came by the house today to look at the cables that were running across the yard and said that he couldn't really do anything about it, but that they looked like cable and phone lines. The most he could do would be to call the cable company and tell them to come clean it up. I did that as well. They said it might be up to seven days before they could do it. The lines will not be there in seven days. By Friday, I will have taken a hatchet to them. Have Comcast/Time-Warner Cable. Still happy to have switched away from them.

Ninsi and I are currently debating trying to buy season tickets to the Dallas Summer Musicals. Definatly going to go see Wicked in April. But there are six other shows. At least three of which might be worth seeing. The season tickets may already be sold out. Not sure. We never have been real frequent theater goers. Im not sure if that is because we just haven't gone, or haven't paid enough attention to what is showing. Outside of our annual Shakespeare in the Park jaunts. Anyway, we may try to go more this year.

Culturfication. Swanky...

December 14, 2006


Went home a few hours early yesterday. I should have taken the whole day off, but was a bit stubborn. I finally went home in the afternoon to sleep. My fever peaked sometime in the evening, and finally broke early in the morning. I feel much better today, but am still quite phlegmy.

Tuesday, a guy from Comcast came by the house and looked at the wires in the back yard, and declared that they were ATT/SBC lines. Nothing he could do about it. Apparently another Comcast guy came by the house this morning and said much the same thing.

On the brighter side of the wire fiasco, when I went home early yesterday, there were a couple of ATT guys messing around in the empty lot behind and to the North of us. I talk to them, and showed them the problem. They said they would handle it. So hopefully, one of their guys will take care of the wires soon. Otherwise, I will go at them (the wires) with a hatchet.

December 19, 2006

In sight

The end of the Holiday season is withing reach now. The next three weeks are all short work weeks for me. Four, three, and three days each. So that is not a bad thing.

Cant say as I'll be sad when it is all over and done. Too much running around, and too much money spent.

Finish laying my concrete under the gate on Saturday. I think it went fairly well. Still have some clean up to do there. And definately need to completely rebuild the gate. It has started to come off of its hinges. Hopefully will get Donut out to help redo that in about a week.

Im also hoping to drive my brother's truck back down to Dallas from OK when we return from Christmas. Then I will be able to actually clean up the backyard and haul off all of the crap that is there. It's time to start getting it ready for Spring.

I need a shed.

December 21, 2006


When Ninsi and I returned home last night from a quick dinner and trip to Target, we found both dogs covered in mud. They had again tried to dig out. This time though, their way was bared by the concrete footing I poured over the weekend. Barley was covered in mud. He tried real hard to dig the thing out. But it held.

I suspect that they have spent most of today trying to dig out as well. Hopefully it is still holding. As soon as they realize they can't dig out, I expect them to quit trying. In the meantime, the mud is really annoying.

And I still have to get a new gate put up soon.

December 27, 2006

Fries with that?

You can go to the mall now and get Botoxed

Im sure everyone else already new it, but if you shop at NorthPark mall here in Dallas, right next to the Sephora store, you can go in for a botox injection. I think drive thru plastic surgery is just a few years away. Hamburger, fries, poison-injection. Good times.

Christmas is over. The family is as the family is. New Years and Ninsi's birthday are all that is left of this holiday season. Then Im done for a few months. I think I'll grow a mountaineer beard in the interim.

December 28, 2006

Bartering awesomeness

Bartering used to be the way things were done. It was the economy. You got three chickens, but you want a pig? Go make a deal. Then money came along and screwed up that system.

I like that things like Craigslist are bringing back the barter. I dont know how well it works for most people, though I think some guy managed to barter a paperclip all the way up to a house. But you just have to love anyone that wants to trade their bird for a car.

The biggest problem with the barter is that once upon a time is was pretty much food for service, or food for different food. Now, people have something random to get rid of, but they dont want what someone else has. Hmm, someone needs to create a web community that will allow for multi person trades. I want to get rid of my 12 foot conference table. I would really like a Smith Machine with weights in return. I doubt the people with Smith machines want a conference table, but if I can find the guy that wants the table, and he has something like a parrot to give to a guy that is wanting to get rid of a chainsaw and the guy with the Smith machine really wants that vintage 1981 Sweetheart Barbie from the guy that needs a chainsaw... Well, then I have a chance.

December 29, 2006

dirty joke

Back in high school, once upon a time, when I was riding the bus, one of the other kids started telling a joke. I wasn't one of the ones to whom he was telling it, but I knew it was a dirty joke because it was all in a huddle and with hushed voice. I heard absolutely none of the joke, except one word from the punchline - epiglottis. I can pretty much piece together the nature of the joke from that, as can most of my readers, I'm sure.

I never heard the joke, I don't care to ever hear it, but for some unfathomable reason, that word, and the associated incident just pops into my head. It's annoying. Why wont that memory just go away?

In other news, I saw that there is hope for the future today. When I went to Taco Bueno for lunch, there was a boy there with his mother (i presume). The kid was probably twelve years old. But he wasn't paying attention to anything else going on because he was to engrossed in his Star Wars novel. Maybe he will be the one to restore balance.

Finally, some things just are uncomfortable. I spoke to a womany yesterday to get some information for reserving a table at a club for Ninsi's upcoming birthday. I had to call her back today for a little more info. She sounded upset when she answered the phone, and soon informed me that a relative of hers had passed away just an hour before. So, I guess I'll have to get back to her on that reservation...

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