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Bartering awesomeness

Bartering used to be the way things were done. It was the economy. You got three chickens, but you want a pig? Go make a deal. Then money came along and screwed up that system.

I like that things like Craigslist are bringing back the barter. I dont know how well it works for most people, though I think some guy managed to barter a paperclip all the way up to a house. But you just have to love anyone that wants to trade their bird for a car.

The biggest problem with the barter is that once upon a time is was pretty much food for service, or food for different food. Now, people have something random to get rid of, but they dont want what someone else has. Hmm, someone needs to create a web community that will allow for multi person trades. I want to get rid of my 12 foot conference table. I would really like a Smith Machine with weights in return. I doubt the people with Smith machines want a conference table, but if I can find the guy that wants the table, and he has something like a parrot to give to a guy that is wanting to get rid of a chainsaw and the guy with the Smith machine really wants that vintage 1981 Sweetheart Barbie from the guy that needs a chainsaw... Well, then I have a chance.

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