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The hot tub is functional again. It isn't hot, but it is working. I finally managed to clean it out and get it running again. Letting water circulate through it for a couple days before I turn on the heat. That was what I spent most of Sunday afternoon working on. Sunday evening, I took my car over to Reptile's house and we started working on my brakes.

My car turned 100000 miles on Tuesday of last week, so it is due for some maintenance. Part of that would be new pads and shoes for the brakes. Reptile was able to do the front disc brakes, no problems. But the rear brakes are drums. They were a bigger issue. We did manage to get them off and replaced and back on, but when I drove back and forth in the garage/driveway, the car suddenly started spouting brake fluid. Wheel cylinder was fuxx0red.

I picked up a new one on the way to Reptile's yesterday, and when we got everything dissambled again, the new part doesn't fit. Though the parts' store swears up and down it is the right one for my car. Someone is fibbing. Im not sure who.

We eventually ended up 'fixing' the old wheel cylinder and putting it back on. I wont go into the details of the magic that was used to fix it. Just let it be known that it was indeed powerful and nigh ineffable. So, the car is drivable currently. Doesn't seem to be leaking fluid anymore. It'll be a few days before Im totally convinced of it though. the trip to Edmond and back this weekend will pretty much tell the tale, I reckon.

Morale of the story? drum brakes = bad

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