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Went home a few hours early yesterday. I should have taken the whole day off, but was a bit stubborn. I finally went home in the afternoon to sleep. My fever peaked sometime in the evening, and finally broke early in the morning. I feel much better today, but am still quite phlegmy.

Tuesday, a guy from Comcast came by the house and looked at the wires in the back yard, and declared that they were ATT/SBC lines. Nothing he could do about it. Apparently another Comcast guy came by the house this morning and said much the same thing.

On the brighter side of the wire fiasco, when I went home early yesterday, there were a couple of ATT guys messing around in the empty lot behind and to the North of us. I talk to them, and showed them the problem. They said they would handle it. So hopefully, one of their guys will take care of the wires soon. Otherwise, I will go at them (the wires) with a hatchet.

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